Rules Of Steal House Baseball

Rules of the House

  1. This is my house and my rules.
  2. This is a family facility act like it and talk like it.
  3. A waiver must be completed before using or entering field area.
  4. No Alcohol, drugs, tobacco use.
  5. Use equipment for its intended use, equipment is expensive and not toys. 
  6. Leave it better than you found it.
  7. Batters must wear helmets inside cages at all times.
  8. Only Steal House Baseball personal are permitted to adjust pitching machines.
  9. Adults are responsible for the actions of themselves and the youth they are with, fooling around, damaging equipment will get your banned and a bill.
  10. No food allowed on turf areas.
  11. All Gear must be picked up and put back in designated locations.
  12. Shoes must be worn if participating, no sandals, open toed shoes, etc.
  13. Alert attendant and turn off machine immediately if pitching machine is not throwing correctly.
  14. Balls may be pitched at anytime, BE ALERT!
  15. No one under the age of 11 allowed to use the pitching machine.
  16. Anyone under the age of 16 must have adult supervision at all times.
  17. Only 1 person allowed in batting cage while in use.
  18. Do not throw balls back at pitching machine.
  19. Caution! Injuries could result from the use of these devices. Users should and do assume the inherent risks of batting baseball and softballs. If users have any questions about the use of these devices you are responsible for asking the attendant. You assume and agree to take all responsibility by entering the facility, if you do not this is not the place for you. We work hard to have a safe environment, please help with that.